On 17th October as she listened to her beloved `Voices of Faroe` singing "Nearer My God to Thee"  Jill was called home by the Lord.

She never spoke as part of the Convention `Testimony Time` but her life was indeed a living testimony to her unshakeable faith. During the 10 year struggle with cardio myopathy and heart failure she never once complained about the heavy load she had to carry and the terminal nature of her condition. When ever we spoke of her illness, Jill's usual comment was "God is Good! We have so many blessings"

There have been so many good times during Jill's long illness, but probably the happiest times of our lives were our two visits to the Faroe Islands and the 2007 Convention, when for the first (and now the only) time all five of us were present. The sight of David, Sarah and Lucy having wonderful fellowship with so many of our singers and Christian friends was something that Jill had longed for.


Jill was a great planner and the Hymns, readings and subject of our Pastor's address for her funeral were all arranged by Jill shortly before she died. Her choice of "God be with You" to be sung at the graveside will make the Convention Finale a difficult and emotional time for future years.

All the booking of artistes for the 2008 Convention and most of the planning for the 10th Convention in 2009 has already been done by Jill, and we pray that the event continues to grow in the years to come.


In 1999 the vision of a Whitby Gospel Music Convention was mine, but as with every single aspect of my life, the one who set about turning my dreams into reality was Jill. Many are probably unaware of the fact that the lion's share of the work for the WGMC was done by Jill, so please pray that we are able to fill the enormous gap that her passing  has left. During Jill's final days at the hospice she was cheered by Lucy's announcement that she was moving home from Hull and would be taking over the administrative work of the Convention. Her words to me were "Good girl! I knew she had it in her"


On a personal note, I have cancelled all my engagements up to the end of the year and at the moment I feel as though my broken heart will never mend. I hope to be singing a few songs in May and pray that the Lord will give me back my musical ministry - if not then I shall work hard behind the scenes.


The whole family have been moved by the tidal wave of love and support, we have had hundreds of cards, letters and emails over the last few weeks and we thank you all.


God Bless



(November 2007)